Why I’m telling my 10 month old “Wait”

Even at 6 weeks old, she knows angst!

Even at 6 weeks old, she knows angst!

Why I’m telling my 10 month old “Wait”

So lately I have been really feeling the pain of sciatica. I am thinking it is because when I am with baby girl, she’s usually glued to my hip.

She has also been showing me that she is getting frustrated with things now. She’ll throw herself backwards if things aren’t going just HER way. This includes at bath time which is really scary.

Diaper changing, getting dressed for bed, and even playtime have the addition of her exasperated crying fits and wails of mental breakdown. “WHY CAN’T I PUSH MY BLOCK THROUGH THE CARPET?!”

So I am trying to let her figure it out herself and tell her “wait” when needed.

The linked post came at just the right time.


Has this happened with your little ones? What did you do?

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June 13, 2013

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Obligatory cute baby picture:

Beanie @ 9 months

Beanie @ 9 months